SJ + CJ Envelope Open

With the envelope liner, we wanted to introduce the viewer to the wedding venue, the scenic Sherwood Inn in the crisp fresh winter Muskoka air.

SJ + CJ Custom Postage Stamp

A watercolour painting of Archie with a big green satin bow around his neck was created into a custom postage stamp that complemented the forest green envelopes. We designed a modern wax seal with the couple's initials to close the envelopes.

SJ + CJ Invitation Front

We added a soft cool blue background to the invites and RSVP cards to complement the couple's colors of white, forest green and gold.

With the visuals we chose a pine garland and white winter flowers to showcase the natural elegance of the event.

SJ + CJ Invitation Back

The fern garland was used on the back of the invitation to spell out the couple's initials.


With the RSVP card, we literally wanted to give the idea of two Muskoka chairs waiting for the viewer to join in the winter fun, while still giving the idea of the elegance of the black tie event with the champagne flutes.