About Sophie

Sophie Young started painting at a young age

Sophie started painting at a very young age.

She studied design at the University of Southern California Roski School of Art & Design in LA.

Shortly after graduating, she landed at VOGUE in NYC where she designed layouts, photo edited and occasionally covered events for two years before pursuing her creative curiosity in other directions.

After brief stints in film production, web design, and interior design, she returned to her first love of watercolors and illustrating. Her breadth of creative experience brings a sophistication and big picture approach to her work.

Sophie was a flower girl at her fair share of weddings, which could explain her love of bouquets and nuptials.

After completing her friends' wedding invitation in fall 2018, she was hooked on the power of the invite to tell a story, reflect the individuality of the hosts, create excitement and set the stage for the event. In our modern times in which communication is instantaneous and we live in front of our screens, to receive something beautiful and one-of-a-kind by "snail mail" feels all that more special.

Sophie as a Flower Girl

Sophie Now

Sophie can’t wait to tell your story. Whether you’re planning for a simple ceremony or a weekend-long soirée, our personalized designs and one-of-a-kind illustrations set the right tone from beginning to end.

From complete paper suites to one-off event elements, she plans, manages, and designs a full spectrum of collaborations to bring your vision to life!